GIS for emergency management

Be the guard of safety!

Annually fires are causing the extra-huge losses. These losses could be avoided by using the potential of GIS for fire risk evaluating.

Satellite multiband imagery allows to detect any hazardous changes in vegetation layer that may cause fire initiation and spreading.

However, initiation and spreading of fires caused by other many factors, near the vegetation changes: for instance, placement of recreation locations, wind direction and others.

Evaluation of water flood effects

Geographic information systems allow to bring together a multiple set of georeferenced parameters
These tools allow to do modeling of impacts for natural and technogenic disasters.
Considering of digital elevation models, locations of parks and trees, location of realty objects, extra-hazardous objects and others, helps to build precision models of flood impacts

Prospecting of natural resources

Annually an illegal forest cutting and mineral prospecting make colossal losses, not to mention about catastrophic environmental effects from such activity.

Effective applying of satellite imagery brings the precision detecting the areas, where have a place an illegal forest cutting.

GIS implementation into your industry

We know how to optimize your business via geographic information systems.

ENVI-LOGIC lab offers you:

  • configuring and setting the GIS (QGIS) software for your needs;
  • technical and informational support;
  • updating of current databases with actual information;
  • training for stuff.
Such approach allows you always to get the newest software versions and avoid odd spendings which would have been wasted on licenses updates, if you are using alternative proprietary software.

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