How can using of GIS increase your income?

Find your ideal customers!

It is not a secret that successfully chosen location for business is a major factor for good income.

Socio-economic estimation and searching of realty become the vital for business.

Using of geographic information systems is giving abilities to find the places with the best match for your commercial needs.

Knowledge is the powerful force

New intelligence in the real estate and property search

Realtor’s success depends on how satisfied the most whimsical requirements of customers in realty selection.

Market leaders of real estate industry understand that the real property value formed by features of its location, how these features impact on this property and how these features can save a time.

Our solutions give the broad and flexible possibilities in multifactorial realty searching and estimation via range of necessary factors, demographic and socio economic parameters.

Our approach gives the possibilities for precise defining of not only the factors related with location, but also the way how these factors affecting and interacting with each other.

Use the innovations — be the first!

ENVI-LOGIC lab offers you the complex analysis of sites and addresses, applying such factors as:

  • density of daytime population and its week\season fluctuations;
  • distance to the municipal transport network’s nodes and load level of the ones
  • availability of the closest daytime migration routes;
  • prevail type of buildings (residential\office);
  • distance to green areas, water and other recreational areas;
  • distance to the nodes of your sales network;
  • distance to the nodes of rival sales network;
  • distance to educational institutions, shopping malls, business centers, etc;
  • any others valuable parameters and variables.

GIS for marketing evaluation and real estate market

More than 40,000 world-level experts have a successful experience of using GIS in their work.

The main reason for this is convenience and power of GIS, as analysis tool.

Furthermore, ENVI-LOGIC offers the set of detached analytical geospatial services which include:

  • comprehend your sales strategy and your specialized requirements to the commercial realty search.
  • complex analysis using wide range of factors
  • create digital cartographic materials;
  • write documentation and reasoning.

GIS implementation into your industry

We know how to optimize your business via geographic information systems.

ENVI-LOGIC lab offers you:

  • configuring and setting the GIS (QGIS) software for your needs;
  • technical and informational support;
  • updating of current databases with actual information;
  • training for stuff.
Such approach allows you always to get the newest software versions and avoid odd spendings which would have been wasted on licenses updates, if you are using alternative proprietary software.

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