Interactive web-maps and cartographic dashboards

Access from any internet device

Fast development of Internet global network and broad abilities of wireless access to it, make a real to transfer a data in heartbeat using any modern internet devices you have.

However not only the completeness of information has a sense. The most important thing is how way this information displaying.

Interactive web-map provides the unique ability for building the analytical system and for displaying any kind of georeferenced information.

Save a time — save a resources

Taking advantage of the company ENVI-LOGIC you will get the web-based situational dashboard for displaying, adding and analyzing plenty of data remotely. Ability for working with databases makes this type of solutions very flexible.

Modern geospatial solutions make able to extremely increase the workflow efficient.

GIS implementation into your industry

We know how to optimize your business via geographic information systems.

ENVI-LOGIC lab offers you:

  • configuring and setting the GIS (QGIS) software for your needs;
  • technical and informational support;
  • updating of current databases with actual information;
  • training for stuff.
Such approach allows you always to get the newest software versions and avoid odd spendings which would have been wasted on licenses updates, if you are using alternative proprietary software.

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