GIS application

What is the geographic information system (GIS) and how it is applied?

GIS is the nervous system for the planet.
- Jack Dangermond
GIS is kind of like Google Earth, but better
- Arnold Schwarzenegger

So, what really GIS is?

Geographic information system (or geoinformation system, or simply GIS) is modern information technology had targeted for fixing, holding, editing, analysing and displaying all kinds of georeferenced information.

Using of GIS allows you to deeply analyze datasets by its spatial georeference. GIS allows to combine a model of terrain (maps, layouts, imagery, etc) with any table-formed information.

for the first time GIS principles have applied in 1832 for epidemiologic analysis of cholera infection spreading. The real reason have obtained by adding the infection cases locations on a map and relating these addreses with locations of nearest water sources. In the clusters of infection cases with high death rate had found water supply points owned by one company which provided contaminated water supply.

However, in modern meaning, for the first time about GIS had declared only in 1968 after publication 'Geographic Information System for Regional Planning' by Roger Tomlinson. After his approach has developed — he had rightly named 'father of GIS'.

Today, in the era of powerful computational technologies and satellite navigation systems, geographic information systems become the authoritative science and commercial direction with unlimited analytical perspectives.

What industries are currently using GIS?

As you can see on the illustration below, GIS could be used practically for every professional and scientific cases. The most broad implementation of GIS now have such industries:

  • logistics;
  • bioresource management and agriculture;
  • political and marketing investigations;
  • urban infrastructure planning and management;
  • engineer communications planing and management;
  • emergency management;
  • mining ang other Earth exploration;
  • environmental studies

In general there are no real limits for using of GIS, and these technologies can be implemented for researching and optimization into any industry.

What pros achieved from using of GIS?

Main reasons why hundreds of thousands leading companies and experts from plenty of industries are using GIS are:

Considerable money saving by boosting efficiency of workflow

Logistic optimization of municipal and commercial transportation can save up to 30% costs by decreasing losses of fuel and total mileage.

Oil\gas company can save millions on successful planning of the pipeline's route.

Internet network provider can save money on length of optical cable by optimization of network brunches's routes. Furthermore, management of the internet network is pretty easier with GIS using.

Agriculture business can save the huge amount of fertilizers by precision calculation of locations on the crop field which really need in these fertilizers.

There can be number of examples but fact is a fact — geographic information systems is dfaily saving really big money and boost workflows worldwide.

Effective decision making and real estate

Analysis of location or address features allows to detect specific properties, dependencies, impacts and peculiarities among them.

Analysis of spatial distribution for factors of influence on business processes allows to allocate and pinpoint the hidden dependencies and use them with maximum outcome.

The best case of GIS using could be in the socio economic and marketing evaluation of property before leasing, for detect only objects which have the best hitting on customer requirements.

The sport store will get more gain if it will have leased property located on a way which used by visitors of sport clubs to get to nearest nodes of municipal network. How way you can calculate this? Only with GIS.

Conveniency of accounting and management

Business, which due to own specification has a deal with real world objects or with addressed customers, have a need in GIS as nobody else.

Holding the data inside a georeferenced database allows to refuse the monstrous tables and display large masses of data via objects on a digital map.

Leading taxi services show for their managers the destination addresses and the last locations of fleet cars directly on a digital map, and it allows managers make decisions in a heartbeat — what car will pick-up the client with maximum time & fuel saving.

For pipeline or cable company, which take care of engineer communications, is much more convenient to hold the data about pipelines and trunks as simple objects on the map. Such approach allows they to find information in one second and get description of object by one mouse click.

It is not the whole list of possible applications of geographic information systems. In the best way it was illustrated by ESRI founder: (read about comparision between ESRI products and our solutions based on QGIS ) — "The application of GIS is limited only by the imagination of those who use it".

GIS implementation into your industry

We know how to optimize your business via geographic information systems.

ENVI-LOGIC lab offers you:

  • configuring and setting the GIS (QGIS) software for your needs;
  • technical and informational support;
  • updating of current databases with actual information;
  • training for stuff.
Such approach allows you always to get the newest software versions and avoid odd spendings which would have been wasted on licenses updates, if you are using alternative proprietary software.

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