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Prescision agriculture and precision farming technologies

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Prescision agriculture and precision farming technologies

The major principle of precision farming technologies is based on the inhomogeneity of land parameters throughout its area.
Any farmer knows that the yield on a field depends on a number of factors and can differ on the diferent patches of a field.
Change of this factors impacts the growth intensity during the vegetation period which can be visually observed as plant yellowing or any other discoloration.
The reason for this is the heterogeneity of distribution.

Main factors that influence inhomogeneity are:
  1. Terrain features
  2. The ability of soil to retain moisture and fertilizers
  3. Fertilization history
  4. The history of land use and crop rotation
  5. Meteorological phenomena history

Field research plays a critical role in cost savings as it helps to consider patch features and therefore maximize the effectiveness of land use.

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