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Workflow optimization

Innovations have a sense, especially when they allow to understand better the processes around your company.
Rapid analysis of impacts and relations among them at one time with displaying and transferring the data on heartbeat, allows world-rated companies to use their abilities with 110 percents of efficiency.

We offer our customers the implementation of corporate geographic information systems which provide abilities to display workflows and situation data on web-map.

Such solution helps to make well-informed and timely decisions. Therefore, level of information deficient and human factor are dramatically low, if you are using GIS.

Modernization of workflows is reached by increasing the knowledge about actual conditions of whole business infrastructure.


Optimization of your business management tools, due to using the newest informing approaches, based on geographic information systems, can be applyed for any business industry.

The best classic example – use GIS for sales network's management. For successful sales management it is very important to get data from every sales node, rapid and timely. Applying the classical approaches for corporate interactions ware often linked with huge influence of human factor and time wasting. Using the management system based on GIS, in such case, allows to display data from every node of sales network on interactive web-map. Data from every node can be collected via detached application or transfered from corporate databases.

GIS implementation into your industry

We know how to optimize your business via geographic information systems.

ENVI-LOGIC lab offers you:

  • configuring and setting the GIS (QGIS) software for your needs;
  • technical and informational support;
  • updating of current databases with actual information;
  • training for stuff.
Such approach allows you always to get the newest software versions and avoid odd spendings which would have been wasted on licenses updates, if you are using alternative proprietary software.

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